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  • Henna

  • The peak checked with a red cicle in the chart below shows that concentration of Lawsonia on our henna extract was found to be
    12 times higher compared to other henna extract.
  • Lawsonia is the main ingredient of henna that interacts actively with the keratin in hair.
    it provides nourishment to damaged hair for healthy and shiny texture and its potent fungicide property prevents scalp itching,
    dandruff and keeps your scrap and healthy and clean.
  • Tested by Envrioment & MerchandiseTesting Instisute.
    The pictures show that after dripping a drop of Richenna Henna Shampoo on cultivated dandruff bacteria, the bacteria died, demonstrating that Richenna Henna Shampoo controls the growh of dandruff.
  • As you can see the picture on the left, another company’s shampoo doesn’t remove the dandruff and sebum on the scalp. On the other hand, dandruff and sebum on the scalp were eliminated after applying henna shampoo Richenna twice. (picture on the right)
  • -Scanning Electron Micriscope(SEM) - (Magnified 900 times)
  • The damaged and uneven cuticke of the hair(the picture on the left) was greatly smoothened after applying Richenna Henna Shampoo three times(the picture on the right)
  • Tested by Korea Testing and Research Institute for Chemical & Domestic Industry.

    After put Propionibacterium acnes(acne bacteria) and Trichophyton mentagrophytes(athlete’s foot bacteria)
    on a plate, place the paper disk that contains Richenna soapy water at the center of the plate and after 3days.
  • Sample baceria Unit Width
    Richenna Soap P. acnes mm 5.5*
    5.5* Bacteria died part
    Bacteria Testing Sample T(mm) D(mm) W(mm) W(ave.)(mm)
    Bacteria 28 20 4 4.0*
    28 20 4
    29 29 6
    Compared bacteria 20 20 0 0.0
    20 20 0
    20 20 0
    4.0* Bacteria died part
  • Bacteria died part
    Even though Richenna soapy water was in small quantity, Propionibacterium acnes(acne bacteria) were 5.5mm died and Trichopyton mentagrophy(athlete’s foot bacteria) was 4.0mm died. This result states that the growth of Propionibacterium acnes and Trichopyton mentagrophy is controlled.