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Professional Use

Special treatment for salon

  • special treatment for salon
Quantity :
Step 1 Hair Care Shampoo, 1,000ml 
Step 2 Hair Essence Water, 480ml 
Step 3 Hair Treatment Cream, 500ml
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RH12+ Intensive Hair Care System is a multi-functional product containing P.P.T, a kind of low-molecular protein. With the help of P.P.T, not only it offers intensive care to extremely damaged hair, but also could be used before and after any type of chemical treatment as a protective measure.

- Intensive treatment system with highly enriched peptides(P.P.T : Poly Peptide)
- Efficacious remedy against the damage of hair cuticle and cortex
- Excellent treatment therapy with L.P.P(Low Protein Peptide) boasting longer-lasting and better treatment results

RH12+Hair Cair Shampoo

Acid shampoo containing henna extract that makes the hair to the best ph condition

- The advanced formula enriched with high concentration of henna extracts restores to the optimal pH condition the hair alkalized due to frequent perm and dyeing leaving it shiny and elastic.

- It helps to maintain healthy scalp and relieves itching and flaking associated with dandruff.

- The outstanding moisture effect of betaine, vegetal natural moisture, maintains the moisture balance of the hair.

RH12+Hair Essence Water

It is a liquid-type treatment that contains Protein Poly Peptode(P.P.T) which helps to recover the hair damaged by dyeing of perm.

- The advanced restorative formula cares your hair from inside and out.

- The clastic enzyme of protein and the creamide nourish and moisture your dry and damaged hair.

- The collagen peptide goes deeply into the cuticle of hair restoring the damage hair to healthy and shiny texture.

- The high concentration of henna extracts shine and volume leaving your hair lustrous and healthy.

- It can be used before a perm or straightening process to protect the hair from damage.

RH12+Hair Treatment Cream

A cream-type treatment that contains Low Protein Peptide(L.P.P) which helps to recover hair damage due to perm and dyeing

- The microfine emulsion silicon penetrates rapidly to hair improving its elasticity

- The potent moisturizing effect of Niacinamide hydrates and provides shine to crispy and dry hair and helps prevent drying out.

- The advanced formula with marine collagen imparts an effective silky conditioning effect

- The high concentration of henna extracts imparts shine and volume leaving your hair lustrous and healthy.

- It can be used before or after a perm or straightening to protect from damage and provide moisture and shine to hair.

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