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Consumer Use

Tonic for hair regrowth

  • tonic for hair regrowth
with Oriental Herb Formula
Hair tonic for nomal or oily scalp with oriental herd which prevents hair loss & enhances hair growth
Quantity : 210ml
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Anti-hair loss, anti-dandruff, healthy and clean scalp
- The advanced formula with 'tocopheryl acetate' and 'hinokitiol' reduces hair loss and enhances hair growth by revitalizing the hair follicle cells.
- It prevents dandruff and keeps the scalp healthy and clean due to its sterilizing effect. Also it prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth.
- Thanks to the potent fungicide property of ‘henna extracts’ and 'hinokitiol', it controls the sebum generation and prevents dandruff and scalp itching keeping the scalp clean and healthy.
Hair and scalp nourishing effect
- The ‘swertia japonica extract’ penetrates into the cuticle as a hair nutrient to nourish your fine and damaged hair and scalp and prevent hair loss.
- Ginseng, ginger and gigas nakal stimulate the circulation of blood and help the restore a healthy scalp and hair.
None sticky feeling
- There is no residue at all and it provides cleanness to scalp after the usage of this product.
Hair care starts from caring the scalp
- The hair is composed of ‘Keratin protein’ and ‘insoluble amino acid’. Most of the growth of the hair occurs from the hair follicle and the part of hair visible to our eyes is a dead protein. Therefore, in order to care the hair, we need to provide nutrition to the hair follicle which is the root of the hair instead to the hair itself. As we give water to the soil to grow a tree, it is more important to care the scalp for a healthy hair.

tonic for hair regrowth


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