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  • Company Introduction >
  • Mission & Vision
  • Developing high-quality products based on bio-science
  • Developing competitive products by applying different strategies
  • Diversifying products for larger market share
  • Timely development of products
  • Guaranteeing products’ quality through exhaustive quality control
  • Global Top3 Company in Hair Cosmetic
  • The vision of Sewha P&C is to become the leading company that creates the future of in Hair Cosmetic Industry through its outstanding technology. Sewha P&C, not yet content with the current situation, is chasing incessant challenge and innovation for costumer satisfaction on the basis of 3C management. Thus, Sewha P&C is investing daringly in R&D and all our empoloyees are focusing all their capacities on manufacturing new creative products. Sewha P&C, the company which is making its best endeavor to become the leading company Comapny in Hair Cosmetic promises to do its best effort for consumers satisfaction with the best quality.