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CEO Greetings


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  • Since its establishment in 1965. Sewha P&C Inc. has developed diversifilrd hairdye products in assorted froms and colors.In addition, Sewha has advanced our technlogy to develop and produce every kind leading hair-cosmetics company in Korea striving for the hair care of our customers.

    Since we moved to new factory in Jin-cheon. we have been manufacturing products with even better quality. “Richenna” a brand launched in 2005, gamered a huge response from both the home shopping network and off-line market and became the touchstone to promote Sewha P&C to the public.

    The new factory on Jin-cheon has the capacity to produce the largest amount of hair dye products in Asia. it is the up-to-date state-of-an-art facility enabled to manufacture 100-billion-won worth products annually. The CGMP (Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice) certification on 2007. an indication that the factory has undergone stringent inspections and met the has highest standard of KFDA(Korea Food & Drug Administration), assures the quality og products, its quality control, and its efficiency in maintenace.

    As a mid-sized company. Sewha underwent trals competing multinational corporationa or other larger domestic companies who pay royalties in manufacturing hairdye products. However, our ceaseless investment to R&D and great challenge made today’s Sewha possible. Now the Sewha P&C Inc. is ca[able of performing R&D and manufacturing all kinds of hair dye products on its own without paying a dime of royalty.

    To speak about R&D. Sewha is making an effort to researches on various domains including but not limites tonew technology and new design to develop differentiated rpoducts, development of functional and extraction & synthesis of herbal ingredients.
  • Following the henna brand “Richenna”, an new anti-aging care brand called “VonU” contaning caviar will be launched gain a warm response in the dosmestic market in 2008. The local subsidiary set up in Brazil will be the bridgehead to South American market to start advertising the excellence of Sewha’s products worldwide.

    Sewha P&C Inc. currently exports its products to over 40 countries and continuously doubling its since 2004 through participations at major foregn exhibitions and systematic education about its product.

    In 2005, Sewha P&C Inc. proclaimed the “3C(Change & Challenge for Consumers) Management” and declared to become the global top 3 company in hair costmetics within 3 years. We know very well that the way from now will be harder than what we have come through. However, with our ability we have built so far and thriugh the “New Forntier Spirit” and aggressive R&D, we know we can do it.

    2008 will be the year for Sewha to move on to the next level as a global company with successful activation in dosmestic market and foreign investment.

    Sewha P&C Inc. will not stop our vigorousmoving towards the world the future. We need your continuous interest and encouragement.

    Thank you.
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